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Is Offsite Backup Software as Good as it Claims to Be?
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Offsite data backup is all the rage these days in businesses ranging from small to large - but is offsite backup software really worth spending your company's money on? That question, while seemingly simple, is actually completely tied to the structure and the nature of your business, what your company's assets are, and how much time and effort you need your employees to spend on data backup. It should be your company's unique structure that determines whether or not backup software is preferable to online or other commercial backup methods.

That being said, offsite backup software is not for every company. If you work for a large company with many computers and a constant amount of data flowing through them, such software will quickly be rendered useless, as there is just too much information for a single program on each computer to process. Furthermore, the licensing fees for all of those programs can be astronomically high - making such software economically unnecessary. Instead, a large corporation should choose to do business with a full fledged offsite backup company instead of simply purchasing software to do the job.

Now, there is a completely different situation for smaller companies and home users of backup software. If your business only has a few computers with a small amount of new data being created each day, then you can probably get away with just a simple software solution for your offsite data backup needs. This solution will be cost effective for average people and small businesses alike and is certainly worthy of a try. However, that being said, a lot of data backup software requires the purchase of extra hard drives or expensive high speed Internet connections, so be sure that you know the full cost of what you are getting into before you invest in offsite backup software.


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