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Home Data Backup

as the world advanced every year we produce more and more digital data. if you are working as a publisher you produce even more digital Data then the average pc user. if you are working from home you produce huge amount of data. so now is the question how to manage all that data? how to save the data? how to backup data? how to find a piece of data that we produced in any time even years ago fast and efficiently. how we gather big amount of data and how to control the data so we will find quickly the data we need any time today next year or after few years. so that is the propose of this article.

it would be simple if we could use a data backup software that will organize our pc by itself. data backup software will make for us automatic data backup. but data backup software or any backup and restore solution does not solve the human touch with the digital data on the pc. the main key is to be organized all the time, organize your pc in the right order and using the proper tools to assist you on backup data, restore data, cataloguing the data. if you start organize your hard drive and keep your pc organized all the time it is simple and easy to keep it organized with very little effort.

the main key is that you control the data and no one else control your data.

in order to explain the process i assume you just purchase a new pc and you decided to work organized from the beginning. first i recommend having 2 separate hard drives on your PC one Hard Disk we name C usually the smaller disk drive on your computer. drive c is for your operating system and for installing applications software. the other separated hard drive we name D usually larger then C for All kind of digital data that we produce or save or archive on our Personal Computer.
bigger hard drive does not mean you have to keep everything on your hard drive. you save on your pc only what you need for everyday use. your PC Hard drive is not an archive. archive you should keep on other media like DVD or CD or any other backup media. so you have your new pc installed with operating system and everything working perfect and fast. you now have access to the internet so you need anti virus software and some other very useful tools that you need for your work.
sometimes you may receive your new pc already installed with all your computer needs. that is perfect, so now just check that you are satisfied from you pc everything is running smoothly and fast. nothing is stacking. it will be un wised to backup an unstable pc or if your pc is working slowly for your taste or it seems like something is not working properly. so before you are making any changes it is the time to make the first image backup data. you can make the image backup with HTML clipboard

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former Norton Ghost and now System Recovery
Symantec System Recovery Desktop Edition software or with Acronis Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Software . such as

Acronis True Image 2017 Home

you also can use the Nero backitup tool, some time it comes free with purchasing a dvd or cd drive you might receive the nero install cd included with your PC. we only making image backup for hard drive C. we can save the image file on drive D and we can save a copy on DVD RW or DVD. today the price of the media CD or DVD so low this could not be the issue. this image backup you can use when you want to start from the beginning. because of deadly virus that destroy your pc or a spy ware that you can't get rid of it. or any major damage that makes you replace your main hard drive with brand new.

now let see what are the data we produce and want to save in our computer hard disk. here are some examples

Bank records and other financial information
Digital photographs
Downloaded Software
Personal projects
Your e-mails
All Kind Of Documents
Your Internet pages
Scanned Documents, Faxes
Video and other Training material

I want to highlight that every software you install recommend another place for saving it's generated data so if we want to be organized we have to tell each software where we want to put and save it's generated data, it will be a particular folder that will hold all the temporary data we input to our computer hard drive. i recommend Drive D in Data Folder i want to emphasize that it is better not to save any backup data in drive C as a rule only installed software and operating system. now you can divide the data folder into subfolder for each byproduct you produce or save.

now is our data backup plan. the backup data software take the temporary data and copy it to another place so we can recover the data in case of any breakdown that cause our data to be damage.
with the backup software we can tell from what folder the data will be saved in and where to save the backup data. we can save it on hard drive D in another folder or in CD or CD RW. now we accumulating data until it will fill a size of CD and burn it into CD. then the data will be moved to an archive folder to accumulate DVD size data that we are not using everyday. we don't need it to be backup everyday. so it will not be holded in DATA folder.

now after sometime the data accumulated to a DVD then we Burn it into DVD from the archive folder. the best thing to do after burning into removable media to delete it from the hard drive. if you are not calm make 2 copies of DVD and run Verify after burning.
after producing a CD or DVD it is recommended to cataloguing it with cataloging software, that way you will have control where is every piece of data located in your archive. the cataloging software is making like a tree of all your files and folders and it has a very fast mechanism to search in a few seconds name of file in list of about 100 CD's or 20 DVD's, there are cataloging software for any files or for a particular subject like cataloging software for music only or for photographs or for downloaded software. as long as you cataloging it is thing i must say - always do the full process complete. don't make half job and say i will finish later because you are not. and it will take's you longer time to find information that you did not catalogue.

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